Information to customers, suppliers and other business concerning the handling of personal data (according to article 13 of Legislative Decree No. 196/2003). 

As requested by the Legislative Decree June 30, 2003, No. 196 provides, we will inform you herewith the information regarding the purpose and nature of the treatment of your personal data, the nature of the publication and dissemination of the same, the nature of the data in our possession and their transfer to third parties. It is with this data solely for personal data meaner nature. The company Exzelent RE GmbH guarantees under the statutory provisions that the processing of the data taking into account the fundamental rights and freedoms and the dignity of the person concerned, in particular in relation to confidentiality, personal identity and the right to Protection of personal data.  


Goal and purposes of data: 

  • fulfillment of legal obligations from regulations, community standards, as well as civil and legal tax obligations
  • comply with any contractual obligations to the stakeholders
  • carrying out of activities in connection with the operations of our company such as Filling of internal statistics, invoicing, and to keep the customers and suppliers accounts
  • objectives of a commercial nature, such as the sending of commercial information and advertising material (POST, fax and e-mail), marketing and market research
  • protection of assets and liabilities management 


In relation to the above objectives, your personal data will be forwarded as required to: 

  • Natural and / or legal, public or private persons (legal, administrative and tax consultant offices, courts, chambers, etc.), when the communication is necessary or expedient, and proves to the above specified type and with the corresponding target positions
  • credit recovery companies
  • banks and financial institutions with which our company enjoys business relationships for the management of assets and liabilities maintains
  • freelancers and consultants
  • customers, suppliers and subcontractors
  • Public administration and authorities, if this is provided for by law.

Any further dissemination or publication is only handled your explicit consent. 

Nature of the message:
The communication of your data is voluntary. We would however point out that your personal data is essential for the fulfillment of our common contractual commitments or maintenance of business contacts.

The data holder of the shares further, that in the case of a missing or defective notice of the required data, the following consequences: 

  • The inability of the data owner, the compliance of data processing and contractual arrangements to guarantee 
  • Any lack of conformity of the results of data processing and from the tax, administrative or legislative work commitments. 

May at any time from those prescribed in Articles 7,8,9 and 10 of Legislative Decree of June 30, 2003, No. 196, setting out rights to make use, by contacting the data subject (or to the person responsible for the data if appointed) shall apply. 


The personal data used in our agency are not subject to promulgation. Data processing can be carried out with or without electronic means but in any case automatic ones and it includes all procedures and steps required according to article 4, paragraph 1, letter a of the decree No. 196 from 30th June 2003. In any case the data processing is subject to safety measures which guarantee privacy. According to article 7 the privacy provides the people concerned with certain rights. Each person has the right to know which of their personal data are hold, stored and used and what they are used for. Furthermore, they have the right to know about the data’s origin and the end of processing as well as details about the holder and the people working with their data. The people concerned have the right to approve, control, correct or complete their personal data and they can request their data or part of them to be cancelled, blocked or ask for transformation into anonymous data if the processing is against the law. The people concerned have the right to approve, control, correct or complete their personal data and they can request their data or part of them to be cancelled, blocked or ask for transformation into anonymous data without specific reason if the data are used for commercial purposes, for the dispatch of advertising material, for the direct sale or for market or opinion research. 

Data owner is: Exzelent Ltd, in person responsible for the data is Freddy Steger, Exzelent Ltd, Via Sernesi 34, I-39100 Bolzano (BZ)